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About Us

Hunan Zikun Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a provider of information and communication solutions for optical communication technology and video processing technology.

The company  can provide users with leading optical communications products and IPTV, system solutions and professional services at home and abroad who dedicates to create the greatest value for customers.

 Currently the company’s main business scope includes DWDM, GPON, EPON, switches, IPTV, EOC, passive devices and other products ,those are widely used in radio and television cable network, triple play and safe urban security, road facilities, airports, ports, Securities industry, tourism scenic area, school education industry, public security law and politics, medical and health, intelligent community and large and medium-sized enterprises ect... 

We will make our all efforts to make you succeed and gain benefit from the cooperation with us, as the customers'success is our success. And through our joint efforts, continue to contribute to the development of human science and technology.

Corporate culture
Success is the realization of the goal. Success comes when you have a goal.

Serving customers is the only reason for the rapid creation of electrons; Customer demand is the driving force behind the development of purple kun information.

Good quality, good service, low operating cost, high priority to meet customer's needs, improve customer competitiveness and profitability.

Continuous management change to achieve efficient streamlining operations to ensure end-to-end quality delivery.

Together with our friends and partners, we are both competitors and partners, creating good living space and sharing the value of the value chain.
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