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ZiKun information is presented with the latest technology and products at the Moscow international communication exhibition (SVIZA 2017)
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        Moscow international communication exhibition by the duma, Russia's federal communications and mass media department, ministry of trade and industry of Russian federation, Russia's federal communications agency jointly hosted and guidance. The exhibition attracted from Russia, China, Germany, Japan, the United States, France, South Korea, Finland, Belgium, Italy, and the commonwealth of independent states (cis) countries such as belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, 400 companies to participate in, to show the most advanced communications technology and research results.

Exhibition time:On April 25-28, 2017
Exhibition venue:Expo Center, Moscow

        ZIKUN information as China's domestic company focused on information and communication technology solutions suppliers at the exhibition, fully shows the with independent intellectual property rights "access", "optical transmission network" and "IPTV system" for Russian market demand for personalized solutions, caused the experts participate in the exhibition, partners, and potential users of the high attention and admiration, for ZIKUN information in Russia and other cis market has played a very good publicity effect, popularity and international brand influence is also obtained the further improvement.

         ZIKUN information after entering the international market since early 2016, with its strong r&d team, professional and reliable products, flexible, customized solutions, excellent overseas marketing team, quick to enter Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Ukraine and the United States, the Netherlands and other countries of the communication market, its products in the local large-scale used. We have reason to believe that in the future, we will continue to move forward and move on to a greater stage to showcase Chinese technology and Chinese power to the world!